Breaking News: Top 10 Healthcare IT News of 2022

Breaking News: Top 10 Healthcare IT News of 2022

WhileHealth Informatics Newsreaders had a lot to focus on this year withcybersecurity imperativesand AI innovations, they were also very interested in new product launches, new regulatory approvals, acquisitions and sales, including one of the largest M&A deals in AI. health informatics to date. But the most-read story of the year was about a challenge that nearly every healthcare organization faces: clinician burnout and how to deal with it.

Report: 90% of nurses plan to leave the profession in the next year. “Nurses are considering leaving, and the pandemic isn’t the only one to blame,” said Shawn Sefton, chief nursing officer and vice president of customer services at Hospital IQ.Health Informatics Newsin March. The software services company surveyed more than 200 nurses working in US hospitals, and 90% planned to leave the nursing profession within the next year, with 71% of nurses with more than 15 years of nursing experience saying want to leave as soon as possible. . With key findings suggesting massive burnout, high turnover and a shrinking nursing workforce in the United States, Sefton said leaders could no longer continue to ignore burnout and discussed measures that healthcare organizations can take to eliminate some of the major problem-causing factors.

VA, Healthy Together collaborate on mobile access to health records. While the VA has been mired in controversy over implementation failures and delays related to its Oracle-Cerner EHR deployment and patient safety impacts, the agency is moving forward on itsGoalsto improve digital operations and veteran access. One example is the partnership with Healthy Together, which uses the agency’s API to provide veterans with secure mobile access to their health records.

FDA authorizes home COVID-19 tests from Amazon, Roche, Siemens. Earlier this year, the Biden administration authorized the use of a handful of new at-home COVID-19 tests. The National Institutes of Health’s Diagnostic Technology Rapid Acceleration Program, along with specialists from the U.S. Agency for Health and Human Services, have been working to increase access to these rapid tests amid reports that state of nationwide shortages and rising case rates.

Larry Ellison on the fragmentation of health data: “We are going to solve this problem.”Following the acquisition of Cerner Corporation in June, Oracle co-founder and chief technology officer Larry Ellison gave a live presentation that offered a bold vision for technology integration. Promising a national EHR database, he said emergency department doctors will be able to quickly access a patient’s electronic records and public health officials will be able to see anonymized national health data. “It will help physicians achieve better patient outcomes. And it will help public health officials improve public health policy and reduce overall costs. This is now our core mission here at Oracle,” said he declared.

Allscripts to sell assets of hospitals and major medical practices. In March, Allscripts entered into a deal valued at $700 million with N. Harris Computer Corporation of Constellation Software of Toronto for its Allscripts Sunrise, Paragon, TouchWorks, Opal and dbMotion products. Allscripts has gone through big changes over the past few years, including the sale of its precision medicine platform2bPrecisein 2021 and seeing its CEO since 2012,Paul Blackresigned in May.

Why does Big Tech often fail in healthcare?Kyle Silvestro, Chairman, CEO and President of SyTrue, an AI healthcare company, explained why tech vendors like IBM, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have failed in healthcare . Not understanding the complexities of the industry and faced with the challenges of massive and inconsistent health data that is not easily interpreted or shared, most Big Tech companies are more tempted to abandon their efforts.

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